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Advances in Materials Science and Engineering

Editor : Kishor B. Kale, Balasaheb S. Gandhare, Sham S. Kulkarni

ISBN : 978-81-948951-9-0

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Open Access : Under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 for non-commercial purposes only

Book series : Research Transcripts in Materials

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Published in : July 2021

Table of Contents

Chapter 01: Evaluation of Indium Tin Oxide Based Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor for Near-IR Applications
Anjitha M, Niveditha Nair, Varsha T. Babu, Nishi G. N, Athulya S, Sharika E, Tauseef Ahmed, Mukul Kumar Das, Rita Rizzoli, Caterina Summonte and Sanjay K. Ram

Chapter 02: Hybrid Design Architecture and Sensitivity Analysis of Cu Based Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors
Anjitha M, Niveditha Nair, Varsha T. Babu, Nishi G. N, Athulya S, Arya K, Derese Desta, Rakesh Kumar and Sanjay K. Ram

Chapter 03: Effect of Tool Profile, Rotational Speeds and Welding Speed on Mechanical Properties and Weld Quality of Friction Stir Welded 6063-T4 Aluminum Alloy
Pradip Pawar and Balasaheb S. Gandhare

Chapter 04: Experimental Study on Iron Ore Tailings as Aggregate in Development of Bricks and Concrete
Shubhanand Rao, Gayana B. C. and Ram Chandar K.

Chapter 05: Laminated Rubber Bearings Analysis and Design for Structures in Seismic Regions
Govardhan Bhatt and Manoj Dhakad


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