Airborne Particulate Distribution and Removal (Settling) by Statistics Interest and Physicalness


  • Prasanta Biswas Civil Engineering Department, Global Institute of Management and Technology, West Bengal, India



Aerosol, Impending tubule, Probability frequency distribution, Settling innovation, Settling by statistics, Settling trajectory


Although it’s not new to describe airborne particulate settling by nature of statistics or probability frequency distribution (PFD), but this present study would enrich the subject of aerosol science and its behavioural analysis. This study has explored several insights on settling phenomenon of particulate matter in ambient air. These insights are completely new or newly explained to the study. However, to narrate such several insights, the study has applied the subjective interpretation, combined with logical motions and innovation. Three-dimensional visions on particulate settling and its behavioural characters has been applied and PM10 is kept at point of limelight in the study. Totally, this paper is going to be highly interesting alongwith various research scopes. Specifically, built-up environment and its concern to climate-change abatement would get new-age cutting-edges by innovation and creative designs, by the study. Readers would find this study useful with theirs’ own enrichment of subjective knowledge-depths surely and out-the-most a satisfaction to become a seer to the new theory of various dimensions evolve.




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Prasanta Biswas. (2023). Airborne Particulate Distribution and Removal (Settling) by Statistics Interest and Physicalness. Engineering Research Transcripts, 4, 29–58.