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Engineering Research Transcripts (ERT) is a peer reviewed book series publishes original research articles, descriptive articles presenting useful reviews, future proposals in various branches of engineering sector in the form of book chapters. In this book series, we aim to publish 4 to 6 volumes per year, which are useful for the society, and of interest of worldwide readers.

Current Issue

Vol. 7 (2024): Computational Analysis of Buildings
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Published: 2024-03-08

Book Chapters

  • Analysis of Wind Effects on Tall Buildings of Irregular Cross-Sections Using Numerical Simulation

    Arya S M, Deepak Sharma, Ritu Raj
  • CFD Investigation of Aerodynamic Effects on Multi-span Low-rise Structures with Curved Canopy Roofs of Different Apex Height

    Agyeya Mishra, Atulya Verma, Ayush Ranjan, Deepak Sharma, Ritu Raj
  • Comparison of Tall Building G+30 Based on Shear Wall System and Dual system

    Mohd Mueez Khan, Kiran Devi, Kaushal Sharma, Neeraj Verma, Neeraj Saini
  • CFD Simulation of Wind-Induced Interference Effects on Low-Rise Gable Roof Structure using ANSYS

    Aman Kumar Chaurasia, Animesh Kumar Anand, Anuved Meena, Deepak Sharma, Ritu Raj
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